This was my third time at the yearly DOAG conference: once again an amazing experience. I had a little bit of excitement because I landed to Nuremberg about 10 am and my presentation was at noon. But I made it. Once again I was wondering how short time the 45 minutes is. So I only had 45 min to explain 9 cool things you can do with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler. Not an easy task especially because I have so much to tell about it! If you do not use the tool yet I suggest you start today. Did you know it costs you nothing? Seriously. Oracle has a product that is for free. Start using it today!

During the conference I met many of my friends from the Oracle community. That is always so nice. And we had an EOUC meeting with 9 EMEA Oracle User Groups Community presidents. That meeting was very good and the two hours we had was almost too little: everybody had so much to say.

I must say that I still do not get it: Germany seems to be a real food paradise. The food is supergood and always plenty. Luckily I now have one year to digest it all before the next DOAG. Gym, here I come!