The next four weeks I will only travel inside Finland to speak in various Oracle events but May 20th I will fly to Sofia, Bulgaria for the EOUC presidents’ meeting.

EOUC stands for EMEA Oracle Usergroups Community and I am one of the two ambassadors/spokespersons for the Community. It is about the time to start preparing the meeting on behalf of the user groups. Most of the content for the meeting comes from Oracle but we also have some slots of our own. And since those slots are not big they must be used wisely and prepared well.

I already know people want to share best practices, talk about their issues, share the information on their future events and speakers. They want to know about the different tours we are planning in EMEA, vote for the new logo for the EOUC, hear about the OOW14 preparations and to meet each others. What else would be valuable?