Done with the BGOUG conference. The content was amazing with several international and exceptionally big number of local speakers (fantastic!). And the organization was as excellent as always when my friend Milena Gerova has something to do with it. Thank you! Absolutely great conference!

This evening was one of the hightlights of my journey on user groups. We had several nations sitting in the same table (Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland, Belgium, Romania, Finland, …) and sharing their visions on European history and different cultures. I can tell you that none of this was taught to me when I was in school! So today I really learnt that history the way it is written and taught might not be the real truth. User group events are not just learning about Oracle but also learning about your own history and different cultures. I enjoyed this evening very much and I want to thank Milena and her team and those people who educated me this evening. I am sure I learnt very much. And I did make many new and good friends today.

And BTW I believe my sessions went well. At least they were well attended and I was told by many that they enjoyed and learnt. I am very happy about it. Thank you for letting me speak! I love my job!

Now it’s time to pack. I am travelling home tomorrow morning. Good night!