Correction after a comment I got: this is really not about WIT but the topic is WIT because I was contacted by people under the topic WIT. As you see in the end this all applies to both women and men and has nothing to do with IT.

And I think what should happen first is that women start respecting and supporting each other. That is the best WIT.

I am sorry I got stuck to this topic but after my post about my thoughts on WIT a lot has happened. And it made me think again.

The female boss I mentioned in my previous post. She has probably been my biggest idol ever. She is smart, honest, mother of three sons, a grandmother and always ready to help anybody. She is now retired and I met her a while ago. She is enjoying her life: the grandchildren, hobbies, volunteer work etc. When she looks back to her career she is very happy except about one horrible thing that happened to her during the years. There was a female IT co-worker who tried to make her life a nightmare and almost succeeded. I did not know her that time but I can only imagine. So this wonderful lady did not say anything bad about male colleagues but only about one female colleague. I feel really bad. I know her job was not easy but I know she made my life always easy by fighting for my rights whenever needed (and not event telling me about it, I only realized it after she left the position).

I have been contacted by couple of people either telling that they do not have the strenght to fight back or people saying they are tired of fighting for other peoples rights. I find this horrible. Why do you need to fight for your rights?! If you are good (or excellent) in what you are doing why do you still need to fight to be able to do your work?!

If people are like this the wars will never be over. Why can we not be friends and respect each other? Why do we need to make other people look bad and think that this way we will look better? I do not think somebody is better if she/he treats other people badly, I think she/he is a bad person. And I do not want to spend my time with bad people.