Here we go. As I have mentioned probably too many times I am writing a book and I love it. People told me that there is a thing called “writer’s block” that will hit you several times during the writing. I was thinking it will never hit me because I love writing so much. Once again I was wrong. It did hit me today. I am working on several chapters (one is still waiting for my finalization for tech editors and four chapters waiting for me to implement the comments from tech editors) and I just jump from one chapter to another and hope that a miracle happens and I write again. But no. Cannot get it going.

Bobby Curtis (@dbasolved) just adviced me to relax and I will follow his advice. For some reason I trust he knows what he is talking about 😉 and I will relax now and try not to write at all. Let’s see what happens…

If I know myself by 00.00 o’clock I am writing and cannot stop before 3 am:)