Last week I was speaking at the Riga DevDay. That was an event in Riga, Latvia for software developers. The venue was a movie theatre inside a shopping mall (I did not buy anything:)) and there were more than 400 attendees. Quite a number!

I spoke about Data Modeler and 9 use cases for it. This time I adjusted my session a bit because I realized not everybody in the audience knew the tool so I cannot jump to details immediatelly. This time I had a very special audience in many ways: it included my younger son. I was a bit nervous how he sees my presentation and will he be very embarassed (he is a teenager)… He enjoyed the session and afterwards told me that most, if not all, of my sentences were meaningful and he enjoyed my session a lot. He also pointed out that I was the only female speaker in this event and that makes him especially proud of me. I hope the rest of the audience enjoyed too 🙂

Riga DevDay was a great start for a new year and I really enjoyed it very much. I want to thank the organizers for everything and especially the best speaker’s gifts ever: a red and white woolen scarf (I love it and I wear it every day!) and a cooking book for Latvian food (one of my favorite hobbies is cooking…).

Unfortunately I must cancel my sessions and travels on February due to my health issues but in March I will have the full power on again and heading to both Norway (OUGN) and Ireland (OUG Ireland)… I hope to see you in either of those conferences…