I just wrote my first book and enjoyed that experience very much: this will not be my last book 😉

While writing the book I suddenly remembered that as a teenager I wanted to be an author and now my dream just came true! Life is strange…

I have been contacted by several people asking for advice on writing a book. This is what I have answered:

  1. Do not wait for the inspiration

The inspiration will come when you write. Writing is 99% of hard work and 1% of inspiration.

  1. Try not to be perfect

Good enough is enough. If you try to be perfect the book will never be ready. Besides nobody is perfect…

  1. Keep the schedule

Tomorrow will not be an easier day so stretching the schedule will not make your life easier. If you finish everything in schedule you will feel better and writing will be easier and more fun!

That’s all I have to say. I hope this was useful to somebody!