You might want to see an older version of your database design. Maybe to get the DDLs to create a database of that version or maybe to compare to another version of the database design or the data dictionary.

How to get that version from Subversion?

First select Team, Check Out…


Enable Use Revision and press Select Revisions…


Select the revision that matches your version and press OK.

Open the design from the working directory.


Maybe you would like to get the DDLs to create a database of version 1.1?

Select File, Export, DDL File.


Select the RDBMS Site wanted (for the SQL syntax).


Select the elements you want in the DDL.


See the SQL and if you like it press Save.


Run the saved SQL script to your database.

Now you have a design of version 1.1 and a database with version 1.1 structures.