The third and last event of our tour was Johannesburg, South Africa. The event was held at the local Oracle office which BTW is very beautiful. There have been some major changes in the organization of the local user group, SAOUG, but now it’s up and running again and the new president gave a nice welcome speech to kick off the event.

First I gave my presentation about “Getting started with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler” added with some general things from my “Database Design with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler” session. Later the day I gave a presentation about “Reporting with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler”. And of course I gave away one of my books, this time to Dina. This copy is special because it’s also signed by Debra Lilley who has written some nice words in the beginning of the book.

The local Oracle was kind enough to serve us a lovely lunch which was needed because we did overrun, we finished much later than planned.

It was a great tour! Thank you user groups in Portugal, Jordan and South Africa! I hope you liked my sessions and learnt new things about Data Modeler. Thank you Björn for organizing and OTN for funding the trip! And especially thank you to my travelling friends: Debra, Björn and Tariq. I sincerely hope this tour will be organized next year again and please consider me as one of the speakers 😉