I am so impressed with these user groups in Latin America! Being honest I was not expecting them to be so organized and the events to be this great. And please do not ask me why I though like that, I do not know. I was thinking Mexico is an exception because it is big etc but now in Guatemala I experienced the same: extremely well-organized event with top quality content. I am so happy and privileged to be part of this wonderful tour!

I arrived to the airport of Guatemala City on Sunday morning and Julio from user group was waiting with the most beautiful roses. I felt immediately extremely welcome. At the hotel room we had a nice speaker gift waiting for us: coffee (of course), local sweets, a beautiful pen and a bottle of local alcohol. All packed in a beautiful gift bag made in Guatemala. AND a personalized booklet telling all the important details about Guatemala and the event. Even my sessions were highlighted so it was easier for me to read the schedule.

In the afternoon I received a message from my friend Deiby that he would like to see and go for a dinner before the event that will be tomorrow. We had a dinner in a nice local restaurant eating local specialities. And then I was totally ready to sleep.

In the morning Deiby picked us up from the hotel at 7 and we drove to the conference venue. My first presentation (Reporting with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler) was at 8:40 and the room was literally packed: they brought at least 20 extra seats and still some people were standing. My next session was at 12:00 (Comparing designs and databases with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler) right before the lunch. The room was again really packed. The last session (Database Design with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler) was the last session before closing session and I spoke in the biggest room. I was very happy after all my sessions because I felt my audience liked them and learned new things. I really felt it was worth all the travel. Thank you so much for attending and I hope my feeling is right and you liked my sessions.

At the end of the day there was a session for audience to take pictures with us and ask for autographs. To my surprise they also wanted pictures with me and they wanted my autographs. I do not think I have ever experienced that in such a big scale.

After the  event the user group took us for dinner and to play some golf. That was fun!

Thank you everybody I had a wonderful day!

Now packing and heading to El Salvador at noon… After all the fantastic hospitality and amazing events in Mexico and Guatemala I am really curious to see the next stops.