The fourth country on my OTN LA Tour: Panama. It is hot and moisture and very friendly. In Panama I gave three talks back to back: designing databases, reporting and comparing. In three hours everything important about Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler! None of my audience was using Data Modeler but they promised to start using it. And why would they not: it is an amazing product and free of any costs!

The venue for the conference was a hotel in a thirteenth biggest mall in the world. Very interesting. I forgot to ask the number of attendees but I did have a good amount in my classes so I was very happy with the numbers, once again. Great conference, good food and wonderful people.

After the conference we had a nice dinner in a restaurant specialized in Panamanian food and we saw a dance performance by local dancers.

Now some rest and next stop will be Ecuador… Let’s hope no issues with volcanoes.