Yesterday was a busy day for me.


First I attended the Oracle Technology Day in Estonia and was presenting at the OUGE (Oracle User Group Estonia) track. I think it was a great day! I learnt a lot about Apex and I was able to share my knowledge on database designing and Data Modeler to a big audience. I was surprised how much audience they got the event in such a small country! Well done Ilmar and Oracle Estonia! And thank you everyone who attended my session!


After the event I had a dinner with my friend Ilmar who is the president of OUGE. And then to the airport to attend the IOUG webinar about 12c to Developer… Well if something can go wrong it usually goes when it should not… The taxi was supposed to be at the hotel in 5 min, after 30 min still not there… Finally it arrives and then as fast as we can to the airport. Then the security and finding the lounge (the Tallinn airport is quite nice BTW). Starting my laptop and realizing the plug near me does not work. Moving all my belongings to another place. Connecting to the wi-fi… My laptop says there is an error it cannot be fixed, not able to connect. A little bit of troubleshooting and finally connected. Starting my email to see the link for the webinar. Every 30 days my email asks me to give an extra password (for security reasons) and did it ask for that on that particular moment? Of course it did! Then waiting for the SMS with the password, typing it and starting the email. Luckily the link was easy to find and then just waiting what happens next… Connected! You will not believe how surprised I was! Then I set my webcam on and see myself on the screen 🙂 Oh dear, that is all I can say 😀 Luckily we decided we will not use webcams so problem solved. The webinar was really nice, I had fun! We had a panel of three: Steven Feuerstein, Patrick Barel and me. Alexis from IOUG was a great host for the panel! Thank you everybody for attending! I hope you had as much fun as I did!

Now I am home for two days and then to SIOUG (Slovenia) and HrOUG (Croatia)…