My recent post got a lot of attention and that is usually good. I just wanted to clarify why I wrote it. I did not write it to get everybody to tell me I am a wonderful person and that everybody loves me. It has been great to see that happening 🙂 but that was not the reason.

Mainly it was therapy writing for me (I use writing and cooking when I feel too much pressure) but equally important reason was that it was my statement to down voting. Many of my supporters have noticed that I have been down voted by supporters of another candidate and they have asked if they should down vote the other candidate equally. My answer is no, I do not believe in down voting.

You may keep sending me the wonderful messages (yes, I am selfish too as Tim Hall confessed: but please keep the community positive; help and support each others. People are selfish and they do things that are not always right but knowing that does not mean we need to accept it. Meaning of life is being a better person every day and that’s what we should try to achieve.

Now I stop talking about this topic, thanks for reading.