To me 2016 looks very exciting. I will start my doctoral studies at Helsinki University. I will be studying and researching Big Data, semistructured data and schema discovery. That research is related to the work I have done more than 20 years but it is also something completely new. I am really excited!

Another interesting new thing is that I have been invited to speak in many conferences just like Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman predicted (@dbakevlar) 🙂 and I am so glad about that because as a typical Finn I am not very good in abstracts and convincing I should be selected… I am really sorry I have said NO to some of those invitations 😦 I hope I can say YES next time…

In 2016 I will have completely new topics and areas as well as my “old” topics and areas to talk about. Topics for 2016 include SQL Developer, WIT, cloud, APEX and I am sure that later this year I cannot stop myself from talking about Big Data, schema discovery and other things I learn and study during this year. Now I am studying Machine Learning…. Of course I will be talking about database designing and Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler!

So far I am planning to talk in these events in 2016:

GaOUG Tech Day 2016, March 3 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

OUGN, March 10-12, Oslo, Norway

Ari Hovi Oy April 7.-8., Tietokannan suunnittelu Data Modelerilla, Helsinki, Finland

Collaborate, April 10-14, 2016, Las Vegas, USA

OUGF, EXA-SIG, April 21, Helsinki, Finland

APEX Connect 2016, 26.-28.4.2016 Berlin, Germany

AMIS 25 – Beyond the Horizon, June 2-3

ODTUG KScope16, June 26-30, Chicago, USA


And hopefully by OOW16 a book I have been coauthoring will be out, it is about SQL and PL/SQL.


Have a wonderful end of 2015 and a very happy and joyful 2016! Hope to see you in 2016!