Once again the OUGN event was simply GREAT! Thank you for the whole organizing team but especially my friend Ann-Sofie Vikström Often who made me feel extremely welcome to the event and to the audience who gave me 100% green for BOTH my presentations. Thank you! And thank you so much for attending my sessions!

The event started with the speakers’ dinner in a very nice burger place. I saw a burger called Birdie Num Num on the menu and had no choice but to take that 🙂 It was yummy!

The next morning I met Gustavo for breakfast and we decided to walk to the harbour instead of taking a taxi. It was about 30 min walk from our hotel. Everything has obviously changed in Europe because our passports were checked as well as luggage before we were let on the boat. The boat goes from Norway (Oslo) to Germany (Kiel).After all the checks we were ready to board. The keynotes were on in Norwegian.

My first presentation was at 16.00 and the second one on the second day at 16.00. That made my life easier: no need to remember many times 🙂 I attended several great sessions during the cruise, was happy with my own sessions, had great dinner both nights with wonderful friends and thanks to Luis Campos I also saw a little bit of Kiel. I was thinking to stay on boat to see presentations but Luis convinced me that it is worth having a small walk in Kiel and a cup of coffee. And he was right: we had a nice time in Kiel shopping, walking, talking and having a cup of coffee with a cinnamon roll. We learned that we both LOVE cinnamon 🙂

The boat arrived to Oslo on Saturday morning and I rushed to taxi with Mike and Kuassi to make sure none of us will miss our planes. Mike left immediatelly but Kuassi and I stayed at the airport lounge for a while talking and working.

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to attend these events and to have so many wonderful fellow-speakers I can call my friends. Thank you OUGN for inviting me, thank you OTN and the ACE program for funding my trip and thank you Miracle Finland for letting me travel. It was a great trip but I am so happy to be home now. Missed my family 🙂