At COLLABORATE16 I gave my very first WIT talk. I have attended several panels on WIT, I have been mentoring etc. but never given a full talk about WIT. I was quite nervous before my presentation: what could I say that my audience would find interesting?!

I arrived very early to my room as did Anita, the representative for the sponsor. We had a great chat before the session started. The room was packed and I was told that there was a waiting list for another full room!  And not just women, plenty of men as well which I find great. Obviously WIT is a hot topic in USA. I am very glad COLLABORATE has noticed that and is giving the audience what they want.

I gave my talk and got plenty of questions during and after the session. And during the whole event people came to talk to me and said how much they enjoyed my session! That was a wonderful feeling.

Based on what I was asked and talked about it would say that the main concern for many of us are our children. We do not worry about the career and that kind of things as much as we worry about our children, no matter what age they are. Of course my audience was people already on IT so the concern for those who are not on IT but would like to be are different. And when I say we I mean both women and men.


Thank you COLLABORATE for inviting me and giving me the chance to give my first WIT talk!


— Heli