What an amazing BGOUG once again! This time it was held on the mountains in one of the ski resorts. Beautiful place!


I missed the first day because I was travelling from the wonderful #AMIS25 event but I did make it to the dinner and… the dancing. There is no BGOUG without dancing!


On the second day of BGOUG I gave two sessions. One about Big Data, the area I am doing my research on for the PhD. The room was packed! Not everybody found themselves a seat! Thank you so much for attending! I hope you enjoyed my talk.

The second session was a session APEX Connect asked me to give in April: My fav features of SQL Developer. I was thinking I have nothing special to tell, I am just a regular user not a guru. But already in APEX Connect it turned out that I did have some tips not everybody knew about. And also in BGOUG every attendee convinced me they learned something new in my session. I am so glad! And I am also extremely glad the session was so well attended!


The weather in the mountains was quite surprising: rainy, windy, sunny,… But we were good because we knew how to forecast the weather, thanks to a local sign:


Thank you Milena and the team! It was a great event, as always!

— Heli