I am home! After a very intense 10 days in San Francisco.

Quite jetlagged and so much work waiting for me to finish  🙂 But I am happy. It was such a privilege to be able to attend both the Oracle ACE Director briefing and the Oracle Openworld 2016!

People often ask me, after the OOW, what is new in the Oracle space. I am sorry but I cannot answer that question. The ACED briefing has a very strict NDA that does not allow me to tell anything I heard during those two days and because I am always too busy during the OOW to really see and hear what is publicly announced I have decided not to say anything, just to be sure I do not violate the NDA. So please do not get upset that my answer is I do not say anything.

It all started with the ACED briefing at the Oracle HQ. I was staying at the Sofitel hotel with a beautiful view (too bad I was not in my room except for sleeping):


The ACED briefing was for two days (Thursday and Friday), including highlights like meeting Thomas Kurian:


Working intensively with my friends and colleagues:


And attending a morning exercise session by my friend Kent Graziano:


After the intense two days at the HQ we moved to San Francisco to start the OOW. I gave two sessions during the event: one about Big Data together with my friend Elise Valin-Raki and another sessions about (still) my favourite topic on how to design databases using Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler. Elise and I were pretty cordinated with our dresscode:


I also attended the WIT panel organized by OTN and Laura Ramsay:


And stayed after the panel to talk with people and answer their questions as well as I could:


OTN and Oracle Press also organized a book signing event for our new book:


It was a fun book to write. I hope you will like reading it 🙂

I am a member of the ACE community but also a member of the user group community. Part of that commitment is helping at the user group kiosk. I scanned everybody with my new toy 😀


Besides of the huge amount of content OOW is also all about parties and meeting people. Every evening there are plenty of parties… This photo is from the reception organized by Loïc Le Guisquet:


The best part of both these events is still meeting friends and making new friends. Just a few eaxmples 🙂


And to meet these friends from the Oracle community gets even more exciting when you start to know them better. This year I learned that my friend Arup Nanda is not just a great Oracle expert and a wonderful person but also a gifted artist. This is a painting he gave me as a present:


I love it!

Now the OOW is over and I’m back to home again. It was a great 10 days. Thank you for letting me speak, thank you for all the great feedback and thank you Oracle ACE Program and OTN for treating me so well! I cannot wait for OOW17!