In Data Modeler 4.2EA there are some new preferences for reporting. Let’s first see the new preference Generate HTML report TOC in separate file.


This preference ONLY affects reports generated in HTML format.

This does not affect the generated report itself: it looks the same does not matter if you chose this preference or not. But it does affect to the files generated for the report. In our example a report generated without this preference only has one file: in our example AllTablesDetails_NoSeparateTOC.html. Whereas the report with this preference on has three files: AllTablesDetails_SeparateTOC.html, AllTablesDetails_SeparateTOC_index.html and AllTablesDetails_SeparateTOC_toc.html.


Note that whenever we generate a report with Data Modeler (no matter how we chose the preferences) also a file report_data.xml is generated.

Why would I like to get the TOC in separate file? While the TOC is in separate file I can for example browse the report without the TOC or print the report.