Last night I returned from the POUG event in Poland. It was a two day event in Warsaw. This was their first international event with plenty of globally known speakers. It definitely was a great two days! The event started with a speakers’ dinner on Thursday evening. On Friday morning some of us were feeling better than others  🙂  I was smart enough to skip the “Warsaw sightseeing” (read “bar tour”) organized by Kamil  😀

BTW I learned that a tringle means Mens’ and this symbol:


Is the symbol for Ladies’…almost took the wrong door…

During the event I spoke about my TOP 10 favourite features of SQL Developer and explained how to manage the changes in database structures using SQL Developer Data Modeler. And finally I remembered to take a photo of my audience:


Poland is a great place to speak! The people are smart and they want to learn. And the athmosphere in the conference was very warm and comfortable. Sabine, Arne and I decided the official color of the event is red.


In the morning I did not feel like wearing red:


But by lunch time I felt the pressure so strong I needed to go and change  😀 :


And on Saturday I already knew how to dress up  😀 :


Friday evening was superfun! We had the after party in a restaurant where an amazing band of pirates was playing interesting instruments:


An excellent event and I am so happy to see Polish user group so active! Congratulations! Well done! As one of the two ambassadors for EMEA user groups I am so happy I was able to attend and be part of this new phase of one of our user groups. Thank you for inviting me POUG! Thank you OTN and the ACE Program for your support! The community is growing!