My last event this year was DOAG 2016 in Nuremberg. Since the event was in Germany it all started with a…beer…


DOAG is one of the best organized user group events in this planet! And the venue is the best possible one with several floors each having its own restaurant for lunches. Also DOAG has a great number of attendees meaning you will meet plenty of friends. I started it by meeting (accidentally πŸ™‚ ) Christian Berg at the railway station before the event even started!


I had breakfast with Tanel Poder…


And during the event I met many, many friends like Alex Nuijten:


2*Martin, Neil, Mathias,…


And some more friends at the dinner organized by Tirthankar and Sonja. Thank you! It was such a nice evening: great company, delicious food.


Oh I did present too πŸ˜€

Again two talks: Database designing with Data Modeler, where I gave one of by books away as usual:


and the favourite features of SQL Developer in a huuuuge room:


Great event! Amazing presentations and wonderful people. Thank you!

— Heli