I have defined the Naming Standards, Templates etc for one design and I would like to have those same settings for another design I am working on. How can I do that?

You can do that using the Export/Import functionality. Open the design that has the right settings. Go to either Design Properties or Design Level Settings and select Export.


Save the file. Remember to add the extension xml.

Open the design you want to implement those settings. Select Import and find the file with the exported settings. Press Open. Now the Design Properties/Design Level Settings are the same as in the original design.


P.S. If you want ALL your designs having the same design level settings simply check the “Use global design level settings” box and no need to do any export/import.

P.S.2. You might be interested in this too: helifromfinland.blog/2017/10/13/default-system-types-directory/