In many cases I need to find those properties that are not “empty” and set the property to “empty” to all of those. One example is when I’m desiging a data warehouse and the source tables (which I will reverse engineer as a base for the DW tables) have default values. I do not want to have default values for my DW!

Let’s see an example.

First I need to find the entities (all tables or physical tables) that has a default value.

Start Search either by pressing the Search icon in the Tool bar or right-click on the Browser on the logical model and select Search.

Select Advanced Mode. Select Attribute. Press Add Property. Select Default value. Choose Not.


And press Search.


Then press Properties.


Select Default value and press the arrow pointing to left, select “empty string”. Press Apply.


Now the default value property for all the attributes listed as Serach result have been updated to empty.



You can use this same method for changing any properties of logical, relational or physical model to empty.