All I want to say is: I love my job.
I am so grateful to the ACE program, user groups and Oracle that I can go and speak about things I know and love and that I can share my knowledge and help other people on it.

I love speaking and sharing knowledge. I love the Oracle community!
So thank you, thank you, thank you!

I just attended the OUGN (Oracle User Group Norway) event with a presentation about database design and Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler. My audience included That Jeff Smith, The Bryn Llewellyn and ACED Brendan Tierney  amoung others. I am sure you can imagine the pressure:) But I enjoyed every second of my presentation! The audience was amazing! They did ask (excellent!) questions… I guess I did not do too badly because Jeff bought me a wine afterwards and said that he can see that I have been teaching. He also corrected that he meant it as a compliment. As a Finn I sure recognize a compliment when I hear one! I was very happy with the presentation and I hope the audience was too.

I attended several excellent presentations at the conference including the keynotes by Andrew Sutherland from Oracle and the duetto by Kellyn Pot’Vin and Tim Gorman.

Connor McDonald was as excellent as always, and the same I can say about Kellyn Pot’Vin, Jeff Smith, Bryn Llewellyn and all those great guys (in Oracle world everybody is a guy, even girls) I always go and listen. But it was the first time I heard Brendan Tierney speaking. He is great! I suggest you register for OUG Harmony (June 5-6) and come to hear him speaking!

During the OUGN14 the OUGN members elected a new board. Congratulations Alice Rossmann, the new chairperson/president of OUGN!


Thank you OUGN board and volunteers! Especially thank you Oyvind Isene for the excellent conference! And just to make you all jealous: I have been invited to speak at the OUGN15! Until next March!