I have always though that WIT (women in technology) is nothing but complaining about things that are wrong or seem to be wrong. So I have always refused to attend these panels, roundtables or interviews. But I had to make a exception last year during the OpenWorld because I was asked to attend the panel by Kellyn Pot’Vin (nobody says no to Kellyn:)). I was surprised to see how interesting it was and how women and men really want to talk about different issues on WIT. I realized I have been wrong not to attend before but still I was not sure what I will bring to these conversations:

– I am on IT, I cannot say why women do not join IT
– I have no plans to leave IT, so I cannot say why women leave IT

So when Kellyn invited me to attend the WIT at the OUGN event I said yes.

During the WIT session at OUGN I did not have much to say but after the session I had a talk with two ladies who attended it and I realized what is my role on WIT sessions: I tell people that I am a woman on IT and I LOVE it! So my role is to tell that there are moments you hate your job (everybody does, men and women) but the main thing is that mostly you love your job.  My role is to show that a woman on IT can be enjoying beeing there and there is no limit what you can do. I am running two companies and a user group, I am a technical expert on my area (I am even awarded as an Oracle ACE Director), I speak and teach, I write and now I am even writing a book.

So I do seen my role on WIT: I am there to inspire other women to join IT and to stay there. And to show that there are no limits on what you can do!

I want to thank Kellyn, OUGN and especially the two ladies I met at the OUGN: You pushed me to the right direction to be able to help more people on IT.