I think this has been my busiest OOW ever. I did not have had time to tweet, blog or anything. Now I took a short break before the Bloggers’ Meetup to do it.

I have not had time for sessions, I have had so much social to do. On Saturday I had a breakfast with some Finns and then joined the Finnish group to vineyards. My first time. That was just amazing. Beautiful scenery, lovely wines and food, and fantastic company.

I started my Sunday with the Bridge Run organized by That Jeff Smith. Because Debra Lilley was so excited we started our walk already at 7.30 and finished about the time the runners started. The Bridge was fantastic. We saw the sun rise and we enjoyed the lovely weather and lovely scenery. Excellent start for a day and for a conference. I visited the user group pavillion several times during the day to say hi to my friends, I met lots of people, attended the ACE dinner and the Finnish dinner.

On Monday we started with breakfast at 6.30 and then the Bay Swim by Oraclenerd Chet (unfortunately he was not there:(, Chet we missed you!) at 7.30. After that we needed some hot coffee:) I once again met lot of people, had luch with a dear friend, polished slides for my session on Tuesday, attended 4-5 parties and went to bed early.

On Tuesday I started with the IOUC Support Committee Meeting at 7.30. Then met some people and gave my first session at 10.45 for a full room. Thank you all who attended! Then we had the traditional ladies’ lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, some preparations for the presentations, lots of meeting people and 4-5 parties again. But early to bed again.

Today is Wednesday and I met a friend for breakfast at 7.30, then prepared our demo with That Jeff Smith, attended the Sustainability Innovation Awards session (I have been one of the judges for many years), attended a birthday party lunch, got my book signed by Brendan, had some birthday cake and now preparing for the bloggers’ meetup. On my way soon…