OOW14 is now done for me. Sitting at the airport and waiting for my flight to depart.

Yesterday I attended the Bloggers’ meetup very briefly and then joined an early dinner with some friends. I decided not to attend the party since I was very tired, had a lot of work to do, needed to pack and last but not least had three sessions to present on Thursday. On Thursday I had a breakfast with a friend at 7.30 and then I checked out from my hotel and walked to Moscone. I had my first presentation at 9.30 and then I had some user groups meetings. The next session was at 12.00 and the last one at 1.15 pm. I want to thank everybody who attended my sessions during the OOW! I really hope you learned something new and that you enjoyed.

After my sessions I walked to the hotel to have some drinks and snacks with friends before heading to the airport.

Thank you ACE Program! I had fun and I can say without hesitation: this was the best OOW ever!

Safe travels to all and hope to see you soon again!