I am enjoying my busy life. And feeling honored and humble.
I got a message from RMOUG that my session was accepted for the RMOUG Training Days 2015. I am very honored since I know there was a huge amount of excellent sessions available and they took one of mine. Thank you RMOUG! The RMOUG Training Days will be in Denver in February (17-19).

I was also invited to speak at the Riga DevDays in Latvia in January (22nd). I am honored and proud they reached for me and asked me to speak. The agenda for the event is exellent.

On Sunday I will join the Nordic Oracle ACE Director Tour the first time. I am really looking forward to that. There are five ACE Directors (Debra Lilley, Jonathan Lewis, Simon Haslam, Joze Senagacnik and yours truly) traveling in four countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland) and speaking. OTN (the ACE program) is funding this tour. Four days, four countries.

After the Nordic Tour it’s time to start preparing for the DOAG event in Germany. That will be in November (18-20) and I am very honored and happy they accepted two of my papers! I have attented DOAG conference many times and I enjoy it a lot. I am so happy I have the chance to go there again. DOAG is also organizing a meeting for user groups to gather and meet during the event and I am looking forward to the meeting too. User groups are very close to my heart and when I have a chance to network with other user groups and share best practices or help in any ways I am happy.

Traveling is fun and I love presenting but the downside of it is that I am too busy with my real work. And traveling takes a lot of time (and the jetlags, I do not want to think about that) and you need to prepare your sessions (that is a lot of work) etc. I do not remember how many times I have been asking for longer weeks (maybe 9 days?) and longer days (36 hours?):) So if you think this kind of life is pure fun, think again:) But I am not complaining: I love my work and I am very happy with my life. Just wanted to point out the downsides since I have heard so many times people saying that life like this is easy and just fun. Try it for 6 months and we talk again…

I love my work and I am so glad I have the opportunity to do things I love and enjoy. I just want to say that the only limitation is you: there is nothing in life you could not do if you just feel it’s important and you want to do it. As a child I said I want to be an author. I never actually buried that dream but there just was not a good time for writing. Now I am writing my first book and I love it even more than I was imagining as a child. Now I better get back to writing…

Have a wonderful day and remember you can do whatever you think is worth doing. The only limitation is you and your attitude!