Did you know that you can also add change requests to Data Modeler? And you can easily get reports on unfinished change requests…

Below you can see a new change request I added to an entity Customer already on Oct the 2nd.


I add change requests quite frequently and definitely have no time to follow them all manually. How do I know that all have been finished?

I go to Find (search), the binoculars icon on the Tool bar.


I select the Advanced Mode and select Change Request as “Object Type”. Then I can see all the properties for a change request on the list of “Searchable Properties”. I select “Completed” and define it should be false.


Press Find.

And voilá. In Results tab I see all the change requests that are not finished.

But. I need a report to our project manager who makes sure somebody finishes this task…

I press the Report button.


I select PDF as the Output Format (I could select HTML, XLS or XLSX if I want), I give the report and the file a name. I could use an existing or create a new template but I am happy with the default report. I press Generate Report. And here we are…


I am ready to inform the project manager…

But what if the project manager wants to edit the change requests but refuses to learn how to use Data Modeler? Do I need to be his/her secretary? no…

I run the report in XLS or XLSX format and pass it to him/her to edit with Microsoft Excel. Then I get it back. The project manager edited the status, completion date and notes (“I have closed this change request/Tim”). I go ahead and right-click the Logical Model in Data Modeler and select “Update model with previously exported XLS (XLSX) file”.


I select the report file Tim sent me. And let it go…

Data Modeler gives me a log on what has been updated:


And to prove to you it was really updated, see the Notes for the change request in Data Modeler:


Was that easy? It sure was!

Why did I want to have the change request in Data Modeler? Because now I have all the documentation about the database in one place. On the entity I can always go and check what has been changed and when.Entity

And I can make Impact Analysis based on the fact where this entity has been used.


Maybe you should think about using Change Requests?