The first day of the OTN EMEA Tour is now over. Loooong day but I think very good and successful.

The first leg was Lisbon, Portugal. The local user group is rather new and it was great to help Luis and Nuno to build the community. It was great to hear they had 65 (!) registrations for the day!

I gave two sessions. The first one was about database design and Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler. In the end of the session I gave away one of my books. Many people were sad that the book still cannot be bought in Europe. Well, hopefully in June… Before I started my second session I gave an ex tempore presentation about Journaling tables in Data Modeler because there were people in the audience interested in that and it is really easy with Data Modeler. My second presentation was Agile database design.

I think it was a great day and I am looking forward to the rest of the tour. But now I better get to bed: tomorrow we will fly to Amman, Jordan. It will be a looooong day again…