Creating journaling tables is very easy with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler.

1. If you have not done so yet copy the file dr_custom_scripts.xml from datamodeler\datamodeler\types\ to your Default System Types Directory. Now you will have the journaling script ready for Data Modeler to use.

If you do not remember where your Default System Types Directory is, go and check from Preferences:


2. If you want to test the script or change it, go to Table DDL Transformations:


Select the script Journal tables. Test  by pressing the Test button and Save any changes by pressing the Save.


3. Generate the journal tables

Start by selecting Export, DDL File from File Menu.


Select the script and tables you want to create the journal table in Include Table DDL Scripts tab:


Check the SQL generated:


If you are happy with it just save the DDL file.

Creating journaling tables could not be easier than this 🙂