It’s the second day of BGOUG conference. The first day was excellent and was highlighted by a great party in the evening: good food and drinks, great company and lots of dancing! Not to mention the nice speech Philip Stoyanov gave at the party before we had a raffle for two lucky winners for a copy of my book 🙂

The second day started with a breakfast at 8 and the sessions at 10. I have been working the whole morning (answering questions from customers about Data Modeler, preparing my sessions etc) and I just realized that while you are travelling you do not make a difference if the day is a weekday or Saturday/Sunday. It’s 11.30 am now and I was wondering why people do not reply my emails. Now I know: it’s Saturday 🙂

Today I will have two sessions: one about comparing designs and database (at 14:00) and another one about reporting (at 15:00). Both sessions are in Plovdiv 3. I hope to see you there!