It’s the end of Oracle fiscal year and now it’s time to close the books for that fiscal. I did have a busy year. I wrote my first book

I attended two OTN Tours. I had four sessions at the Oracle Open World, I taught the first time at the OU Expert Summit and much more. And being honest I was very sick for 4 months so I actually only had 8 months to do that all 🙂 I spoke in (at least) these events:

21.-26.5.2015 OTN EMEA Tour: Portugal, Jordan, South Africa

16.5.2015 Wildcard Unconference, Riga, Latvia

23.4.2015 Oracle University Expert Summit, Bucharest, Romania

22.4.2015 RoOUG, Bucharest, Romania

12.-14.3.2015 OUGN, Norway

22.1.2015 Riga Dev Day, Riga, Latvia

18.–20.11.2014 DOAG Deutsche ORACLE-Anwendergruppe e.V., Nüremburg, Germany

13.11.2014 Oracle Roadshow, Turku, Finland

6.11.2014 Oracle Roadshow, Espoo, Finland

28.10.2014 Oracle Roadshow, Tampere, Finland

20.- 23.10.2014 Nordic ACE Director Tour: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland 28.9.–2.10.2014 Oracle OpenWorld, San Francisco, USA

22.-26.6.2014 KScope14, Seattle, USA

13.-15.6.2014 BGOUG, Bulgaria

5.-6.6.2014 Harmony, Finland

20 events… wow! But I did have a wonderful year and I enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you for inviting me to speak in those amazing events and thank you OTN and the ACE program for funding many of my tours! Thank you Oracle Press for asking me to write the book.  I wonder what will happen this year…