It is easy to say BGOUG is one of my favourite conferences. Not only because Milena is a dear friend, the venue is always wonderful, food is excellent etc but because I simply love the Bulgarian audience! They are extremely interested in learning, they ask a lot of questions and the best for a shy Finn like me is that they give you wonderful face-to-face feedback.

After my first session a gentleman came to me and he said he saw my session two years ago and it changed his life for better: now he knows a better way to talk to the end users to get better requirements to be able to create better databases and applications for end users. Another person came to me and said he really hope I will be there in November to share my knowledge again because he learns so much in every presentation. A lady wrote to me that she admires my work and enjoys my sessions very much. Etc.

I am usually very bad with feedback: good or bad. But these people can give it in a way I do not feel embarrassed but honored and privileged. Thank you all for your nice comments! You do not know how much it means to me! I was really tired after the conference (I just realized I have not had any free weekends for two months!) but extremely happy: my travelling and speaking has a meaning! Thank you!

And Thank you Philip Stoyanov for the fantastic speech!