In June I attended my second KScope and as expected it was an excellent event! This year was even better than last because I had so many new friends I did not have last year πŸ™‚

The Kscope15 was held in Hollywood, Florida June 21-25.

On Sunday I attended the “Database Development for Cloud” session by Jeff Smith and Kris Rice. I also attended the speakers’ reception, welcome reception and a user group leader reception. After all that I was pretty ready to sleep, there it a 7h time difference to my own timezone πŸ™‚

On Monday I attended Tom Kyte’s session about SQL and Chet Justice’s session about “How to Model Your Data”. Then I gave my own session with a title “What’s New with SQL Developer Data Modeler” and gave away two copies of my new book. I had my two sons in the audience and their impression after the session was that I know “all” πŸ˜€ Thank you for attending my session! After lunch I gave a couple of interviews. I was told that I am very natural in front of a camera, I could not disagree more πŸ™‚ The General Session was the funnies ever! And next year we will go to Chicago for Kscope16! After the general session it was time for some mojitos in the Exhibition Hall. Then the ACE reception by the pool at one of the hotels near by and the networking events sponsored by OTN. Too bad I do not like beer because Jeff Smith organized an amazing beer tasking Networking Hopportunity event 😦 Well, I still had fun πŸ™‚

On Tuesday I attended Kent Graziano’s “Introduction to Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler” session and was one of the panelists at the Database Development panel led by Tim Gorman. In the afternoon I attended Michelle Kolbe’s session “Overview of Dimensional Modeling Principles Using Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler” and Jeff Smith’s “Tuning with Oracle SQL Developer”. Then it was time for some drinks and food and tattoos on Tattoo Tuesday event. Then I had a meeting and a nice evening with friends. Thank you MindStream Analytics for your amazing hospitality!

On Wednesday I had plans to attend presentations by Pete Sharman, Alex Zaballa and Melanie Caffrey but I missed them because I had a busy morning meeting people and then helping Ashley Chen with the Data Modeler Hands-On-Lab. Several people showed up without their laptops so we decided that Ashley will handle the lab and I will do a demo for those without a laptop. I had so much fun! Thank you Ashley for letting me to be part of that! After the HOL I ran to the WIT roundtable where I was moderating one of the tables. Our topic was “Best Qualities of Female Tech Leaders”. I must say I enjoyed the conversation and based on the comments I heard afterwards so did the rest of our table. Thank you for attending and thank you for letting me to be the moderator! In the evening there was a White Party at Nikki Beach. My sons got tickets from Tom and Mel and we did quite a lot of shopping just for the party but just at the last minute we heard the age limit for the party was 21 and doh… No party for us (me and my sons). Instead we went for a nice dinner close to the party venue and early back to the hotel. I was kind of sad because I heard there was a lot of dancing involved the party and I simply love dancing 😦 Well, you cannot always get everything πŸ™‚

On Thursday I slept a bit later and only attended the closing session and then some meetings afterwards.

A busy but wonderful week I must say! Thank you all those wonderful people who made this event happen: Natalie, Monty, Crystal, Lori, Mike, Opal, Sarah, Danny, Martin, Mia, Cameron, Lauren, Melissa and everybody else whose names I just do not remember right now because of my stupid jet lag πŸ˜‰

It was wonderful to be part of it and it was really great to meet so many friends again! See you next year in Chicago!