Thursday, the day to fly home.

I started my day with a WIT breakfast and had a lot of fun during that. Next year we will most likely have a WIT lunch and maybe a bit more official one than this. Let’s see what Kellyn does…

Then I rushed to the panel where Connor, Tim Hall and a bunch of others were talking about SQL and PL/SQL and got complains from people not taking selfies with them πŸ˜€ So plenty of selfies in the following 5 min πŸ˜€

Then it was time to pack and check out from the hotel.

1:15 pm I attended That Jeff Smith’s sessions where he gave away some copies of my book and I had my red pen ready for signatures…

Then a lunch with a customer, and a milkshake with my Oracle Dad, Tim Hall. Tim was kind enough to carry my extremely heavy bag to the limousine that the kind people of the ACE Program had organized to take me to the airport. Thank you! Very much appreciated! And thank you Lufthansa for ignoring the fact my bag was kind of heavy πŸ™‚ Great Customer service at the SFO airport!

I slept both my flight from SFO to MUC and MUC to HEL, stayed up for a couple of hours and slept the whole night. Two naps during the day and now I feel I am quite OK again.Β  Great week! Thank you everybody and see you next year again!