The best news on Friday Oct 23rd was that version 4.1.2 of Data Modeler came out! We were really waiting for this release because of some bugs on 4.1.1 that made our lives quite difficult. Thank you development team for fixing everything so quickly and releasing 4.1.2 so fast!

If you have not downloaded it yet, this is the place to do it:

Some bug fixes (

This list contains only a selection of higher priority bugs, customer bugs and issues raised by the community on the OTN Forum since the release of version 4.1.1.

21310122 Interactive DDL for automatically generated Indexes contains an invalid semi-colon
21436619 Different formatting causes Table Check Constraint to be marked as changed
21450718 Missing check constraint ddl (arc constraint) during merge
21471733 Save doesn’t remove deleted foreign keys
21627534 Grant flashback on an oracle table not supported
21617909 Domain can’t be locked without opening design
21487134 Not possible to populate the supertype table without having to populate subtypes
21805334 Journal trigger ddl refers to arbitrary “emp2” table instead of generated table
21417244 Table to view wizard to copy column comments in rdbms to view column
21935378 SVN – processing of outgoing changes is too slow
21935571 Unicode characters in domain definition are changed when save/reopen
21943476 Mandatory fields being reset to optional – model in single file mode

What has changed? Some things from the release notes (

  • “Mozila Rhino” script engine is not distributed with JVM any more. It’s replaced with “Oracle Nashorn” scripting engine. Engine need to be changed in existing scripts.
  • Predefined RDBMS sites are no longer distributed in file defaultRDBMSSites.xml and will be removed from existing versions of that file.
  • Added new logical data type String

    Changed mapping for Oracle 12c for following types:

    • Binary – from BLOB to RAW
    • Boolean – from CHAR to Number

Let the database design work continue!