This morning I woke up at 4 am to be able to finish “everything” before leaving for a super interesting training day:  The Logical Data Warehouse – Design, Architecture, and Technology by Rick van der Lans.

Last night I gave a webinar for the wonderful ODTUG people. It was about New Features of Data Modeler. I have always said NO when people have asked me to do a webinar. “No, I cannot talk to a camera, I need real people as an audience”, has always been my justification for saying no. But I must say that it was not actually bad at all. I definitely will never, ever listen to the recording (I would only find plenty of mistakes and my voice is terrible etc) but I must say it was not bad at all…I might be saying YES from now on…

I will be giving this same presentation at the DOAG conference in Germany next week and in Bulgaria at BGOUG in the end of next week. I just finished polishing my slides and updating my manuscripts for DOAG. On Monday I will fly to Germany. In Germany I will also talk about comparing functionalities in Data Modeler and in Bulgaria I will talk about how to manage changes in database structures.

Oh and I have found a new hobby: I answer questions on Oracle Community Platform. It’s actually very fun!

Now back to work so I will make it on time to the training…

Have a nice day!