I am on my way home after travelling for 10 days. I visited 3 countries and attended 5 events. At the moment I am in Germany waiting to be boarded to my last flight of this tour.

I started my tour with the OTN Cloud Developer Challenge in Leiden, Netherlands. Then I attended the AMIS25 celebrations with two talks: My fav SQL Developer features and Managing changes in database structures. After that I flew to Sofia, Bulgaria where I drove to Borovets for the BGOUG event. At the BGOUG I gave two talks: one about Big Data and the second one about my fav SQL Developer features. After BGOUG I had one day to rest in Sofia (=to do my real work) and then Milena and I drove to Bucharest, Romania. In Romania I attended the EOUC Presidents’ meeting and I gave two talks at the local user group (RoOUG). The first talk was about Big Data and the second one about database security.

I had a great 10 days and I would like to thank all the organizers, attendees and fellow speakers. I am very tired but it really was a great (and efficient J ) tour! Now I will rest a bit before OUG Scotland in Glasgow and KScope16 in Chicago…